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Where does the idea come from?

We know there is too much content to add, but technology takes time and all kinds of resources; Human, economic and technological.

The project was conceived due to the large number of applications received by the portal, a portal that seeks to present educational institutions in the city of Bogotá free of charge to parents, it is so in the middle of 2012 and taking advantage of the impact Of the technological devices and Internet it is decided to start working on what would be the "LA SOLUCION" mobile to the problem of search of Schools and Kindergartens in Colombia.

In the year of 2013 the project was started that would help the families to solve the search of Schools and Kinders, from that moment it was thought that in a short time, hundreds of families of the whole world would find a School in Colombia without leaving home , Optimizing resources, saving time and money, the goal of finding the "IDEL" School or perfect for the father, would soon be possible to realize, the name that took the APP was Colombian Schools Colombian Schools


This project obtains its first results because of its content and the help it generates to society, it finishes in the first place of the Call 7 made by Colciencias and , in that same year the project was presented to the contest of Best App Latina 2014 , which was created by INTEL CORP. And that sought to promote innovative projects..

At the moment it has managed to obtain more than 20 publications in all means of communication, being able to mark a very high point in applications of this type View press releases


After its launch the application has obtained hundreds of positive comments and some negative, these last were generated after the change of the version in Android that affected the search engine of the app, to the year 2017 22 versions have been created which are available for Smartphone and Tablet, but the path of APP maturity has not been easy, and continuing with the project is the priority. y continuar con el proyecto es la prioridad.

Friend reader: We know that as users we strongly criticize the applications, but no one knows how difficult it is to maintain and solve new situations every day, we want to invite you to rethink your critics and think that thanks to that someone made it, new families will be able to To effectively look for a School to present and future, hundreds of parents will not have to travel the arduous way of looking for College for long hours in car or foot as was done in the past, now they will be able to do better and faster, As Mark Zuckerberg says "Fact is better than perfect".

In 2017 we resumed the project and hope to help more families, through the free publication of more than 100 Colleges and Kindergartens of Colombia.

Colombian Schools is a dynamic App that will provide you with College search options and in the publications section you will find important articles to help you learn more about Bullying and Cyberbullying. If you want to download the application you will be able to access the Play Store and download it.

To all of you ..

Thank you :) for allowing us to help society, if you have any concerns, suggestions, complaints or if you wish to make a donation please communicate it via email

TIP: Enter the word "College" If you want to see all schools :). Go a little more of the APP. Or visit the website..

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