Bullying & Ciberbullying

Conferences, Talks and prevention programs for parents, teachers and professionals
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Our promise of value ..

Because the responsibility belongs to everyone, from the beginning of the project we integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) values.

Bullying is defined as Intimidation and in Colombia is known as Matoneo, is defined as a behavior of physical and / or psychological persecution that a student performs against another, whom he chooses as a victim Of repeated attacks, this action, negative and intentional, places the victim in a position that can hardly come out on his own (Olweus).

Taking into account that although in the world it is not frequent that the constant physical and verbal aggression of a schoolboy leads to suicide, this problem does result in depression, anxiety, insecurity, acts of violent revenge, low academic performance and school dropout in the victims . (Chaux), the phenomenon of bullying in Colombia maintains an average close to that of Latin America, the region with the highest rates of school abuse in the world. (Harvard Graduate School of Education).

What happens in Colombia?

In Colombia according to law 1620 is defined as" Negative, intentional methodical and systematic conduct of aggression, intimidation, humiliation, ridicule, defamation, coercion, deliberate isolation, threat or incitement to Violence or any form of psychological, verbal, physical or electronic abuse against a child or adolescent by a student or several of his or her peers with whom he / she maintains an asymmetrical power relation, which is presented repeatedly or Over a given time.

Our proposal

We organize our presentations according to the requirements of our clients, since we are aware that some institutions have spent a lot of time in the prevention and mitigation of school violence.

Once we receive the contact, we communicate with stakeholders to evaluate, detect and create a pleasant day where the most important thing is to generate new agreements with parents, teachers and communities that help strengthen the processes carried out in institutions.

Why contact us?

  • Professionals with masters level
  • Experience in intervention
  • University Teachers
  • Integrate Psychosocial Values
  • Accredited history
  • + Of 100 Colleges contacted
  • We address parameters of cyberbullying
  • We integrate workshops and new experiences

Most used services

Institutions should not rest on achieving a clear objective, because due to the annual rotation of students, teachers and communities, it is necessary to remember the agreements and generate new strategies and commitments with the members of the school community.

  • 1

    School for parents

    Encounters with parents to define "WHAT IS" and "WHAT IS NOT" Bullying, parenting responsibilities and Role of the College

  • 2

    Teaching meetings

    Conferences and Talks with teaching staff, law and situation management, Stewardship, protocol and detection techniques among others

  • 3

    Prevention Programs

    Sensitization with students and teachers, group of Leaders of Peace, TICS Committee, Protective shields and magic godparents

  • 4

    Study of cases

    Analysis of situations, tables of dialog, psychosocial support for parents, teachers and students, follow-up of cases and commitments

  • 5

    Technology Workshops

    Identification of Apps and Webs consulted by children and adolescents, handling of detection tools, Parental Control, Social Engineering

Bullying - School Violence

At Colegios por Bogotá, we are in charge of providing drivers for the management of children's and adolescents' behaviors and that students may at any time be able to make a decision outside of the common behavioral parameters.

Our presentations are framed in the area of ​​respect for human rights, taking into account that this is the Master of our Director of Psychosocial projects and also of course because as human beings we have the right to respect and equality.

Ciberbullying - Silent Phenomenon

Colleges in Bogotá is one of the few entities that has managed to integrate different disciplines, with the purpose of creating its own content, authentic and addressed in real situations with the purpose of helping to protect the most vulnerable, related questions in ¿ How to prevent? Or how to act? if detected Situations or behaviors created in virtual environments are part of the answer to the questions presented in the talks

This is how our Systems Engineer and Community Manager Edison David Charry P presents his paper addressed to parents, teachers and educational communities the existence of more than 20 social networks and APPS used by youth and adolescents to evade adult control ..

"Cyberbullying, scourge that by its thin line with cyberactivity is very difficult to detect, and both the victim and the perpetrator are in great danger in the RED"

If you are interested you will be able to donate the value of a conference so that we can move forward in schools, our purpose is to help hundreds of young people and their families recover from the security they lost through bullying or cyberbullying.

We want to create in Colombia the Center of psychosocial care for victims of Bullying and Cyberbullying, if you can help us thank you contact us directly. Email: echarry@colegiosporbogota.com

Contact us

Once we receive your request, we will send the requested information.

Bullying and Cyberbullying affects students, teachers, communities and whole families if you suspect or believe that your child (@) Is a victim or victimizer, we invite you to pay attention, remember this is not a Children's Game and we are all responsible Care and well-being of all. If you want to make a talk for your family cycle contact us directly via email To clozada@colegiosporbogota.com